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Legal Technology support Professionals and Trial Consulting specialists. 
Electronic Document Management and graphic presentations are our specialty. 
10 years of  "Hot Seat" trial experience and trial preparation. 


Freemanz.net engineers are also experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of small to medium size networks. 
We can do it all for you, or assist your current IT staff in implementing the best solution for you. 
DSL or Cable, to T1 and WAN connections. 


We’ll help you design and implement a security policy, and help secure your infrastructure with a  Security Appliance.
PIX firewall, Intrusion Detection/Prevention System, or whatever best fits into your networking and business needs.


Security assessments to test your current security implementation. 
HIPAA Compliance consulting.

IP Telephony, Virtual Private Networks and wireless. 
A single laptop to hundreds of client PC's.  Servers, desktops, routers, switches, firewalls, etc.

We have the specialty and expertise to handle your business correctly. 
Industry certified engineers. 
We know how to make tough technology, seem very simple. 

Contact us for a Free Consultation and proposal.

We fix it right the first time so you don't have to continue to throwing money at your IT solutions. 

Legal Technology Support
Trial Presentation and Preparation Support
Networks, Security and Consulting
Network Optimization, Citrix, Microsoft, Routers and Switches,
HIPAA Securtiy Technology Implementation services
Wireless, Security, VPN, DNS, SMTP, FTP, WEB, etc.


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